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NWH Hacker Steals 30,000 Passport Records from Russian Consulate Website

Kapustiky says he did it for good.

A hacker using the pseudonym Kapustiky from New World Hacktivists (NWH) group has managed to hack and steal crucial details of thousands of citizens by compromising a Russian consular department website Ambru.nl. The hacked data includes emails, IP addresses, passport and telephone numbers.

Reportedly, the hacker has stolen around 30,000 records and aims to dump them online. The targeted site belongs to Consular Department of the Embassy of the Russian Federation located in the Netherlands and provides information to Russian citizens who are living in the Netherlands regarding visa-related issues.

It must be noted that Kapustkiy is the same hacker who hacked Indian embassies located in Italy, Libya, Switzerland, South Africa, Mali, Romania and Malawi in November. In that particular attack, Kapustkiy was aided by another hacker who uses the pseudonym Kasimierz L. Together they acquired and leaked private information of more than 500 Indians who were living in the abovementioned countries. The stolen information included names, contact numbers, email addresses, home addresses and passport numbers but when it comes to Russian data, Kapustiky told CyberUSA:

“The main point about these is: I want them to understand the danger of a data breach. I hacked them to let them understand a data breach. I will dump a little bit online now.”

The consular department is currently investigating the breach.

Written by Harry Greenspun

Harry Greenspun

Author, Security and Technology

Harry is a 40-year veteran journalist who has reported from more than a dozen countries. An expat Australia now based in New York, he is Managing Editor for Security and Technology for Information LeakData. He lives in New York.

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