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    FBI: Reported Internet-Enabled Crime Losses Hit $1.3 Billion

    Reported losses due to internet crime last year totaled $1.3 billion, according to the FBI’s Internet Complaint Center, or IC3. That’s, based on 298,728 complaints registered with the bureau by U.S. residents in 2016. “This past year, the top three crime types reported by victims were non-payment and non-delivery, personal data breach and payment scams,” […]

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    $5.5 Million HIPAA Settlement for Florida Provider

    Federal regulators have signed a $5.5 million HIPAA settlement with a Florida-based healthcare system for breaches related to unauthorized access to tens of thousands of patients’ information by employees that lasted for more than a year and that subsequently led to criminal charges. It’s the second largest such settlement to date. In a Feb. 16 […]

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    FBI: Cybercrime Gang Stole $1.2 Million via Bank Malware

    Using malware to infect individuals’ PCs and drain their bank accounts continues to be a lucrative source of income for criminals, but such cybercrime has never been a risk-free undertaking. The latest example of the potential profits and pitfalls from participating in a banking Trojan attack campaign comes via Vyacheslav Khaimov, 55, who pleaded guilty […]

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    IRS: New Email Phishing Combines W-2 Theft, Wire Fraud

    The IRS is warning of one of the “most dangerous” kinds of phishing scams in which fraudsters are successfully tricking organizations into sending wage data on employees and then making fraudulent wire transfers. Some companies have already lost thousands of dollars to this fraud this year, the IRS says. The fraudsters have also widened their […]

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    Hacker Issues Twitter Security Fail Warning to Trump

    The first signs of a presidential transition to stronger cybersecurity aren’t great. A hacker claims he figured out email addresses likely associated with President Donald Trump, his wife, the vice president and a top adviser. The findings come entirely from open-source research, a bit of guessing and the apparent overlooking of a critical security feature […]

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    Western Union to Pay $586 Million in US Fraud Settlement

    Western Union will pay $586 million to settle U.S. civil and criminal cases that alleged the company turned a blind eye for years to criminals who used its money transfer network to commit fraud. In one of the most serious accusations, the Department of Justice alleged that Western Union knew for at least five years […]

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    Bitcoin Exchange Crackdown: Two Employees Plead Guilty

    A Florida man is the latest to plead guilty to helping operate an unlicensed bitcoin exchange as part of a wide-ranging case that prosecutors say involves three men charged with running a massive pump-and-dump stock scheme that involved hacking into multiple financial institutions, including JPMorgan Chase. Ricardo Hill, 38, appeared Jan. 17 in Manhattan court […]

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    Ukraine Blackout Redux: Hacking Confirmed

    Two researchers have confirmed that a December 2016 blackout in Ukraine was the result of a hacking campaign that began with spear-phishing attacks carrying malware. Their findings increase concerns that many industrial control and supervisory control and data acquisition systems remain dangerously vulnerable to hack attacks. Speaking at this week’s S4x17 conference in Miami, security […]